There are far too many historical and interesting things to see and do in the city to avoid it all together, so we’ve come up with everything you need to know about getting around this busy, yet fascinating city.

Road Taxis – Because the streets of Bangkok are so crowded, we recommend that those interested in Bangkok travel not use traditional taxis, but three-wheeled, open-air motorized taxis. Ideal for short distances, you’ll find that you spend less on this mode of transportation and get where you need to go fast.

Boats- There is a boat service that runs along the Khlong Saen Saeb, a canal that flows through the city’s downtown area. Trying out this kind of water transportation service is a must while on Asia Pacific travel. Travelers can also hail a water taxi, which is often time a ferry that crosses a river or canal. There are, however, some water taxi routes along the waterways that are useful when trying to avoid the streets.

Bus Services – Like any other large city you may stop in during Asia Pacific travel, Bangkok has a large network of bus services. There are two large terminals that you can visit to take buses out of the city as well as several stops littered throughout the city as well. Though the bus is inexpensive, it can be frustrating because you have to deal with the traffic.

Subway – Those who want a quick way to get around during their Bangkok travel should really take the subway, which avoids the congested streets and is still relatively inexpensive. Though there aren’t as many stops as there would be in other city’s, Bangkok’s subway is ever-expanding and the city has many plans to add several new lines to the rail system. These new lines include a skytrain that was started a few years ago. There’s also a high speed railroad in the works, which will take those flying in to the city’s airport directly in to the city.

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